Things You Sell At A Pawn Shop

Jewelry is probably the number one type of merchandise that you can sale at a pawn shop.  The industry is know for dealing with jewelry.

Not only is it known for dealing with jewelry, but it is known to sell it and at great prices compared to most major jewelry stores.

Better yet – if you want to sell your jewelry, pawn shops can and will often offer you more than those ‘Gold Buyers’ you probably see advertised. You see, not only can a pawn shop buy the jewelry for it’s objective metal value but they are usually interested in any diamonds involved as well.

That means more money in your pocket!

You can also sell all kinds of merchandise, Electronics, Tools, musical Instruments, Guns and more.

So if you are thinking about selling some jewelry, consider selling it at Royal pawn shop. You might be surprised to hear what we can offer you.