Mission of statement

As our mission states, we want to elevate the pawn shop experience for each one of our customers and employees.

When visiting a pawn shop, we know that you expect the best customer service. This includes not only how our employees treat you but also the honesty, integrity, and professionalism in which they work with you. At Royal Pawn we pride ourselves the in extensive customer training of our employees and welcome any feedback about their performance.

Professionalism is at the hallmark of our culture. We hold each of our employees to the highest standards.

As a Royal Pawn customer, we value not only the business you bring us, but also the time you spend with us in our branch locations. We know that your time is valuable and so our employees work hard to give you the best service possible. We believe that training our employees to understand various items such as gold, diamonds, electronic, guns, tools, and the testing of such items, will allow them to provide you with the most professional and accurate service.